Are you aware of the potential roadblock that a non-compliant annuity can create for your client’s Medicaid eligibility plan? It’s a common issue that you’re likely to encounter sooner or later, if you haven’t already.

This exclusive webinar featuring our Vice President, Thomas Krause, J.D., provides valuable insights into the complexities of non-compliant annuities and their impact on your clients’ Medicaid plans.

During this presentation, Tom will cover essential topics such as:

  • How to determine whether your client’s annuity is classified as a divestment or an asset
  • Understanding the relationship between different types of annuities and the Medicaid program
  • Solutions for clients who own non-compliant annuities that are preventing them from becoming Medicaid eligible

Learn how to overcome the challenges that non-compliant annuities present in Medicaid eligibility. Watch today!