As an estate planning and elder law attorney, you often encounter clients needing to conduct funeral preplanning for one reason or another. Perhaps the goal is to preserve assets for funeral expenses, or maybe your client is in a crisis Medicaid situation, and they need to spend down some funds. Either way, if you’re sending your client to the local funeral home to complete this piece of the puzzle, you may be complicating the process.

That’s where the Funeral Expense Trust comes in. This simple, guaranteed-issue insurance product is designed to quickly set aside funds for funeral expenses while keeping the process smooth and streamlined for your client.

In this webinar, Damon Wenig, MBA, CFSP, will discuss:

  • What the Funeral Expense Trust is and how it works
  • How attorneys and their clients benefit from using this product
  • How to incorporate this product into your estate planning and crisis planning processes

Watch the session today!