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The Fundamentals of Medicaid Planning Medicaid Basics

Medicaid Basics Series
11 Videos

Take a deep dive into the world of Medicaid and crisis planning. From Medicaid's financial regulations to specific crisis planning strategies, this video series provides a basic understanding of Medicaid planning fundamentals for your practice.

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Get Started with Long-Term Care Insurance Introducing LTCI Into Your Practice

Introducing LTCI Into Your Practice
LTC Education Series
13 Videos

Gain essential insight regarding long-term care insurance and the importance of adding this vital tool to your practice. In addition to learning LTCI basics and how to introduce LTCI to your clients, you'll discover how our LTCI Advocates can help your clients navigate the world of LTCI.

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Essential Knowledge from Industry Professionals Elder Law Interviews

Elder Law Interviews
32 Videos

Hear from industry professionals and thought leaders in our Elder Law Interviews Series. Each video is designed to deliver a unique perspective on a variety of topics relevant to elder law and estate planning attorneys.

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Important Case Decisions for Your Practice Behind the Case

Elder Law Interviews
4 Videos

Explore in-depth discussions about court cases and decisions that have helped shape the elder law and Medicaid planning industry. In this series, our team interviews the attorneys involved in some of the most influential cases that impact your practice.

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